My Letter to GoDaddy

Hello GoDaddy,

It is now (or should be) abundantly clear to any company in the technology sector that legislation like SOPA will only cause more harm than good. This proposed law demonstrates an over-zealous desire by the media and entertainment industries to punish and litigate against the average internet denizen through a new draconian process that threatens to rupture the fundamental technologies on which the internet has been built.

It is not just disappointing, but utterly confounding to me that a company like GoDaddy would support the policing and censorship of the DNS system within the United States for the sake of pleasing movie studios and record companies in the name of protecting copyright, a mechanism designed by our country's founding fathers to promote "the advancement of useful knowledge and discoveries." Censoring the internet achieves none of these intended goals, does little to deter piracy, and closely resembles the practices of hostile regimes such as China, Iran and Syria.

By supporting either SOPA or the PROTECT IP Act, how can GoDaddy honestly believe that they are not disrupting a fundamental technology that promotes free speech across the globe? Such legislation will only serve to stifle technological innovation, economic growth and education in the future.

Furthermore, it is downright sleazy that GoDaddy not only supported this bill, but has also negotiated a clause that would exempt them being shut down under SOPA as well. This appears to be a case of hypocrisy on GoDaddy's part.

How can GoDaddy find it conscionable to stand behind a law that they themselves do not expect to be held accountable to?

While I do understand that GoDaddy has recently removed its name from a list of SOPA supporters, I feel that you have not done enough to reverse your position on the bill. Any aid that GoDaddy has given to the backers of this bill has already been provided, and the damage done.

Because of GoDaddy's recent actions regarding the SOPA bill, I have to decided to cease any future business with your company. I have already authorized the transfer of 5 domain names away from GoDaddy, and will not renew 2 more domains when they expire.

I will also no longer recommend any of GoDaddy's services to clients or associates. I have already found excellent alternatives to the services that you had provided for me.

My sincere wish is that in the future GoDaddy's attitude and behavior regarding these sorts of matters will reflect that of a company who believes that the common good provided by the internet to everyone in the world is more important than the slight expansion of profit margins and executive bonuses at companies that already receive a lot of money from people like me.


Bryan P. Mills

P.S. Seriously, don't let the people who green-lighted a third Alvin and the Chipmunks movie decide what the future of internet should be.