2011: A Really Fast Year

A lot of people out there like to compile year end reviews, best-of lists, retrospectives and whatnot looking back at the year that was.

An equal number seem resolved to make lists of New Year's resolutions. I feel the same as Merlin does about those sorts of things.

However, there are a few things I want to say about 2011. First, it was really fast. The fastest year in recent memory. It feels like I just finished watch all the Oscar picks from 2010, and now we're ready to do it again. It was a year where I feel I made great strides professionally and personally, but I never stopped to notice, because it all went by in the blink of an eye.

Second, I'm immensely grateful to my friends, my family and people who I've only just met in 2011. As much faith as I had to put into myself to get through the year, nothing could have happened without the faith that others put in me. I work in one of the amazing professional fields ever, and it shows by the quality of the people who work in it with me.

Third, it was a fucking awesome year for video games. Easily the best of the last five years. You owe it to yourself to sit down and play some of these titles, both AAA blockbusters and underground indie games. Go do it before another year is over again.