Double Fine Raises $3.3 Million for New Game


Holy Crap. Double Fine isn't claiming they're going revolutionize or reinvent anything. They just want to make an adventure game like the ones we played when we were kids.

Kickstarter makes me happy because when projects get funded, we all win. Double Fine's adventure game will be available to the world, not just those that helped fund it. Something that could not exist under current market conditions now will. Three million dollars is not exactly chump change, either. It sounds like a lot of money, but keep in mind that 83% of the Kickstarter backers paid thirty dollars or less, which is roughly MSRP for a new "casual" game anyway (I cheaped out and gave $15.)

Seeing success like this must make a lot of market analysts nervous. People are voting with dollars, and it isn't for another Call of Duty game or something involving zombies. Down is up, cats are living with dogs, and disruption sure is fun.