The Itch of Disconnect

Dave Pell writes

Technology used to be a way to solve life’s little problems. Now, technology is used to solve the little problems caused by technology. On some level, we know that doesn’t make sense, but we don’t have an app to convince us. Where’s the computer algorithm to prove that the quiet walk without the phone calls is the balance?

I would describe the feeling of being disconnected as a constant itch. It's muscle memory unable to fulfill the gestures in it's programming. Where once the activity of getting off a plane involved a dozen lit cigarettes, it is now the glow of a hundred phone screens lighting up.

Successfully disconnecting takes practice and discipline. Like an acetic monk, you must surpress your natural urges. Learn to recognize the urges in your fingers or your brain for another quick hit of e-dopamine, and tell them to shut up for a few seconds while you unwind.